3 rd year 1 st assignments

Product illustration B&W and color

Advertising campaign
Packaging ,Layout design,Poster design

Pictorial Composition

Landscape painting

water color and acrylic

2 nd BFA second assignments

All the above illustrations I copied from
Victor Perard's Anatomy and drawing book

Poster color painted illustrations for model drawing

Product drawing Done by poster color


Packaging design

Label design

Poster design

Annual report design

Line drawing portraits

Pictorial composition

my first acrylic painting

Second BFA applied art first assignments

here I used Indian ink for product design black and white

I chose car instead computer for product design its possible apply
vibrant colors ,  poster color paint in opaque method  I used
 poster white almost 30% with each tones.

Model drawing on saree in Indian ink

Model drawing for saree in water color

Model drawing on jewellery  here I used the  poster color paint in opaque method 

Product design on two wheeler poster color

Lay out design on cosmetics poster color

Logo design on industry and institution

Pictorial composition with human figure in water color

At our hostel

Second assignments 1st Bfa applied art

this is my second task 
Pencil 2b 3b 4b

This trees done by Indian ink and brush

I used here 2b 3b 4b and EE pencils

Pencil 2b 3b 4b

I believe  all this trees  are still live  there Mysore I sketch this trees when I was working in Mysore

This is my favorite shoe I used 2b 3b 4b pencils 

  I found this old building in the middle of Mysore city 
near Gandhi square MysoreI used 2B 3B 4b and 6b pencils 
to reveal the strong light through sunlight,but I dont know
 how it is effective

I got the clear idea to construct the letters from the text book
"Speed ball"for pen and brush lettering which available in our college
I done the clear pencil sketch with exact measurement and then
 I used Indian ink to finish it

This is first time I am using calligraphy pen the reference is available 
in same book "speedball"

Here I used my old skill of hording painting.

All this simple lay out designs done in Indian ink

all the sketches done by gel pen and first one is done by sketch pen

 Memorable moments

Dean sir with students

Suresh, Mohan, Anil, and Me


Suresh, Samjith, Nanda anad me

First assignments First Bfa applied art

Our first assignment list....

leaf drawings 


Plant drawings

tree drawings

Human drawings


man made objects
all the above work I used 2b pencil to 6b pencils according to the requirement

A sketch pen work demonstration done by Dean sir during the first contact program
memorable moments

practice session

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  1. Hi, what medium have you used for that b/w product design?